Paths of the Damned, a WFRP 2e Campaign

Episode 14: I'm, Hungry I'm cold, whose idea was it to come to Middenheim anyway?
Winter begins to set in in the city of the White Wolf. The wind begins to blow icy cold, and food becomes scarce within the confines of the city. Groups of refugees and beggars begin to clog the city streets. Three months go by an dthe group begisn to feel the ffects of lack of nutrition.
Episode 13: My what an unusual smell you have discovered!
Following a lead, the group’s suspicions are confirmed when they once again find themselves delving down into the sewers. Under Felieciano’s experienced nose they find their way down to a Skaven hidey hole concealed within the bowels of the sewer system. A fight ensues with an especially crafty Rat man who disappears into the darkness and then appears at Wilhelm’s side driving a poisoned blade deep into his side. Searching through the rubble the group discoveres vindication, the wooden frame that once housed the Icon of Sigmar.
Episode 12: Rodents of Unusual Size
Our group of accussed murderers, under the watchful eyes of the veteran SewerJack Felix Montoys has been dispatched to investigate 3 similar murders. The other 3 victim were all killed with a similar blowdart, but at different locations throughout the city. The 1st victim was the watchman, Elias Krug. He was found dead in the alley to the rear of the Collegium Theologica, the premier college for religious studies and administered by the cult of Ulric. Gaining access to the college they discover that the spot where the wathchman was killed was in clear view of a private study room at the college. The 2nd victim was a Dwarven doorguard at the Dwarven Engineers guildhall. upon arriving there the group is firmly rebuffed and Hans realizes that an further inquiry into the disposition of the Dwarf’s body would be a serious breach of etiquette among Dwarven society. Even the warrant of investigation that Felix presents gets the group nowhere. Rudi, politely excuses himself from the party before they head over to the Dwarven area of Middenheim. Rudi then begins to wander Middenheim. He is amazed at the sights and smells that greet him and at one point sees some humans Busking for money. Not really sure fo the sgnifigance of this activity but knowing that he has an excellent singing voice Rudi tries his hand at busking. while many residents are surprised to hear an Elven voice rising up in falsetto over the typical flute players and weasel tricks that vie for their coins none decide to part with their pennies. Rudi enjoys himself though, and does attract a particularly well endowed woman of the empire as a fawning admirer. Beatrix is her name, and she has never seen an Elf before, especially one so thin. She can’t help but invite him back to her abode for some of her homemade tuber chowder. Rudi, ever the inquistive one accompanies her and while Beatrix does not come anywhere his people’s standards of attractiveness Rudi is feeling like experimenting in this strange new world of Men. The 3rd victim was an unidentified Man that was killed somewhere in the Altquartier, the poorest section of town. The group then travels to the shrine of Morr to see if they can examine the body.
Episode 9: Refugee Road
The group accompanies a group of refugees northwards towards Middenheim, with a Beastman army nearby, and no other defensible position. They also meet Granny moescher and her orphans. They learn that the citizens of Unterbaum bear no love for the residents of Griminhagen, and the feeling is mutual. The group then finds Granny performing some sort of magic ritual, which they interrupt. Granny tells them they have ruined her revenge, and then goes catatonic and dies within a day.
Episode 8: Unterbaum Mutant Attack

episode 8: Unterbaum and Mutant attack.
The group then travels on, trying to find their way to Middenheim. They enter a town and discover it is Unterbaum, apparently the site of a major battle between Imperial forces and a minor chaos army. The stone bridge at Unterbaum was desired greatly by the Chaos forces but the men of the Empire stood firm and their blood seeped into the stones of the bridge but did not let it fall.
Near the bridge the group finds a group of townspeople surrounding Captain Hans Baumer. Captain Baumer infroms the crowd that a shipment of wine and hard bread has been received from the Emperor as thanks to the people of Unterbaum for their dogged defense. A ragged cheer from the emaciated townfolk is shattered by a musket shot shattering one of the jugs of wine. A group of mutants is then seen to be rushing across the bridge towards the townsfolk. The group looks around quickly and realizes there are no fighting men around the area, except for them.
The group fights the band of mutants. While disgusted at their hideous deformities the group still slays the lot of them. Erich ends up having to dump his armour as one lizard headed mutant spit a caustic acid onto it.

Episode Seven: Let Slip the Beast of War

Episode 7: Let slip the beasts of War.
The group and their band of insane misfits defend Wolingwut house. During the battle many beastmen are killed trying to get over the east wall leading in to the garden. Eventually the west wall is swarmed and the front of the house is stormed en masse. The group and the rest of the asylum fall back to their central courtyard and light a wall of debris across the main entrance to act as a barrier.
As the group is falling back behind the wall of debris Adolfus is struck a massive blow and falls to his knees. Erich, realizing that Adolfus will be trapped on the other side of the flaming wall and killed leaps to Adolfus’s defense. Erich grabs Adolfus and throws him over the wall of debris before himself being struck several blows from Beastmen that leave him near death. Now that the group is behind the safety of their wall of debris they bandage their wounds and prepare for the fires to die down. As the fires start to wane though, the rest of Wolingwut hosue is rapidly catchign alight. Gripping their weapons and peering through the smoke the group waits, but no beastmen ever charges. The Warherd appears to have given up on them. They have held out and are somehow all still alive.
Antonius Reik then proceeds with the final destruction and sanctification of the vile tower that still contains the servants of Chaos. By the time the group is leaving Wolingwut there is a large black stain drifting into the sky from the tower.
Dr Falkenheim also presents Samo with the elixir he believes will cure him of the Blood Pox.
The group then finds themselves in Wolingdorf where Antonius has begun rounding up conspirators to Wolingwut House. The group and Reik have words regarding the guilt of Mrs. Beasley, but the Witch Hunter is not to be denied. Soon there is another cloud of smoke rising into the air. This cloud bore the scent of roasted man within it’s confines.


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