Paths of the Damned, a WFRP 2e Campaign

Episode 12: Rodents of Unusual Size

Our group of accussed murderers, under the watchful eyes of the veteran SewerJack Felix Montoys has been dispatched to investigate 3 similar murders. The other 3 victim were all killed with a similar blowdart, but at different locations throughout the city. The 1st victim was the watchman, Elias Krug. He was found dead in the alley to the rear of the Collegium Theologica, the premier college for religious studies and administered by the cult of Ulric. Gaining access to the college they discover that the spot where the wathchman was killed was in clear view of a private study room at the college. The 2nd victim was a Dwarven doorguard at the Dwarven Engineers guildhall. upon arriving there the group is firmly rebuffed and Hans realizes that an further inquiry into the disposition of the Dwarf’s body would be a serious breach of etiquette among Dwarven society. Even the warrant of investigation that Felix presents gets the group nowhere. Rudi, politely excuses himself from the party before they head over to the Dwarven area of Middenheim. Rudi then begins to wander Middenheim. He is amazed at the sights and smells that greet him and at one point sees some humans Busking for money. Not really sure fo the sgnifigance of this activity but knowing that he has an excellent singing voice Rudi tries his hand at busking. while many residents are surprised to hear an Elven voice rising up in falsetto over the typical flute players and weasel tricks that vie for their coins none decide to part with their pennies. Rudi enjoys himself though, and does attract a particularly well endowed woman of the empire as a fawning admirer. Beatrix is her name, and she has never seen an Elf before, especially one so thin. She can’t help but invite him back to her abode for some of her homemade tuber chowder. Rudi, ever the inquistive one accompanies her and while Beatrix does not come anywhere his people’s standards of attractiveness Rudi is feeling like experimenting in this strange new world of Men. The 3rd victim was an unidentified Man that was killed somewhere in the Altquartier, the poorest section of town. The group then travels to the shrine of Morr to see if they can examine the body.



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