Paths of the Damned, a WFRP 2e Campaign

Episode 8: Unterbaum Mutant Attack

episode 8: Unterbaum and Mutant attack.
The group then travels on, trying to find their way to Middenheim. They enter a town and discover it is Unterbaum, apparently the site of a major battle between Imperial forces and a minor chaos army. The stone bridge at Unterbaum was desired greatly by the Chaos forces but the men of the Empire stood firm and their blood seeped into the stones of the bridge but did not let it fall.
Near the bridge the group finds a group of townspeople surrounding Captain Hans Baumer. Captain Baumer infroms the crowd that a shipment of wine and hard bread has been received from the Emperor as thanks to the people of Unterbaum for their dogged defense. A ragged cheer from the emaciated townfolk is shattered by a musket shot shattering one of the jugs of wine. A group of mutants is then seen to be rushing across the bridge towards the townsfolk. The group looks around quickly and realizes there are no fighting men around the area, except for them.
The group fights the band of mutants. While disgusted at their hideous deformities the group still slays the lot of them. Erich ends up having to dump his armour as one lizard headed mutant spit a caustic acid onto it.



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