Paths of the Damned, a WFRP 2e Campaign

Episode Three: Into the Orifice of the Beast.

Arriving at a clearing in the forest the group observes a rocky outcropping with a black cave staining the side of the rocky face. Shortly thereafter a goblin is seen exiting the cave. The group is able to kill the goblin and drag his body out of the way, before another group of chaos warriors approaches led by Stag horns and is given an amulet and a sack by the green skull Chaos Warrior.
The group then enters the cave and ends up finding Captain Otto, but not before getting into a melee fight with a patrol of the goblins. During the combat Flame-Skull shows up. The group makes a fighting withdrawl, but not before Samo is nearly split in two by Flame-Skull. Samo runs out towards the front of the cave and throws a torch onto several barrels of gunpowder that are lying near the cave entrance. The group uses it’s healing potions to get Captain Otto conscious and back in the fight and to keep Rudi on his feet. Flame Skull calls down bolts of green eldritch lightning that strike Captain Otto squarely in the chest and rip his body asunder. Wolfgang, seeing that the situation is desperate, hands a pouch to Eric, tells him that Captain Otto entrusted him with it and yells for the rest of the group to run. The rest of the group is able to push past some goblins blocking the cave entrance. Looking back, the last thing they saw was the limp form of Wolfgang being tossed across the interior of the cave. With a resounding explosion the cave entrance and Flame-Skull is buried underneath it.

Episode Two: Off to rescue Captain Otto.

Lieutenant Ludwig, himself a coward during the attack of the Chaos Warrior tells the group that Captain Otto must be saved. Ludwig continues, telling the group how Captain Otto knows the disposition of local forces and was also on some sort of clandestine mission for The Colleges of Magic. Captain Otto was seeking an item that was stolen from the colleges he believes.
Following the trail into the woods in an attempt to rescue Captain Otto the group relies upon Wolfgang who helps guide them through the forest. They are shortly ambushed by a rearguard of mutated Goblins that cowardly pepper them with arrows before the group was able to charge them and scatter them.
p. Eric then told the group that he would check the gobos pockets for valuables. Samo, The Halfling told Eric that was not a good idea and pointed out the strange growths and signs of mutation and disease upon the Gobbos bodies. Samo then told him that he would pull the bodies off the trail and into the underbrush, since Halflings were more resistant to mutation than Humans.
p. While hiding in the trees to avoid being detected the group is able to catch some much needed rest. The group is awakened by a group of Chaos warriors that are apparently led by a warrior with long stag horns jutting from his head. The Chaos warriors appear to be travelling to wherever the first group went. They keep quiet and let the warriors go by.

Episode One: An Elf, A Toll Keeper, a Tomb robber, a Noble, and his Bodyguard walk into an Inn. What’s the punch line? The Storm of Chaos.

Episode One: An Elf, A Toll Keeper, a Tomb robber, a Noble, and his Bodyguard walk into an Inn. What’s the punch line?…The Storm of Chaos.

The legends were true. The stories of hordes of Chaos armies rampaging down from the north, only to be stopped by Magnus the Pious were all too true. No longer tales told on darkened nights to frighten children. Vile men, and worse have shattered the nation of Kislev like an overripe fruit. Refugees stream across the border. Unwashed Kossars and Ungol horsemen have begun arriving in the border regions of The Empire. Soon this trickle turned into a flood. The refugees all spoke of The Everchosen, in whispered tones his name was blurted out in a panic…Archaon. A mighty warlord of Chaos has arisen and united the disparate tribes of the north. Norscan raiders are ravaging all the lands that touch the Sea of Claws. The end time is nigh.

Gathering in Fortenhaf for refuge they find it to be an unwelcome sight. There is little food, much wounded, and too many mouths to feed. Too few are the able bodied men armed with weapons within and rumours are running rampant regarding the approaching armies of Vardek Crom. What is known is that Crom is a Lieutenant of Archaon who has been rampaging down the eastern side of the World’s Edge mountains, but he has now crossed over and is seeking to attack The Empire from it’s weak eastern flank while all eyes are on the Siege of Middenheim.

An Imperial patrol enters the town led by Captain Otto. The unit has obviously seen better days as most of the men are wounded. This is not what the occupants of Fortenhaf were hoping for, but at least there are a few more able bodied men inside the towns walls now. The group finds out from The soldiers that a battle was fought between scouts of Vardek Crom and the army of Ostermark. The men of the Empire held the field, but were severly weakened. The group decides to join the Imperial Army unit and Captain Otto appoints Adolphus a junior officer and takes Rudi on as his personal aide. Captain Otto also tells the group that he is on a mission to cross the border into Kislev and scout out the position of Vardek Crom’s forces

Later that night Goblins overrun the town and get the gate open and stage a major attack all over the town. The Goblins bear the mark of Chaos and leading them is a nightmare brought to life. A suit of twisted plate armour with a flaming skull placed atop it is the Chaos warrior that commands the Goblins. During the fight the Chaos warrior seizes Captain Otto and carries him off. All the soldiers of the patrol are casualties of the fight, save one. Wolfgang manages to stand his own in the fight against the goblins, even though being outnumbered.

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