Paths of the Damned, a WFRP 2e Campaign

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Episode One: An Elf, A Toll Keeper, a Tomb robber, a Noble, and his Bodyguard walk into an Inn. What’s the punch line? The Storm of Chaos.

Episode One: An Elf, A Toll Keeper, a Tomb robber, a Noble, and his Bodyguard walk into an Inn. What’s the punch line?…The Storm of Chaos.

The legends were true. The stories of hordes of Chaos armies rampaging down from the north, only to be stopped by Magnus the Pious were all too true. No longer tales told on darkened nights to frighten children. Vile men, and worse have shattered the nation of Kislev like an overripe fruit. Refugees stream across the border. Unwashed Kossars and Ungol horsemen have begun arriving in the border regions of The Empire. Soon this trickle turned into a flood. The refugees all spoke of The Everchosen, in whispered tones his name was blurted out in a panic…Archaon. A mighty warlord of Chaos has arisen and united the disparate tribes of the north. Norscan raiders are ravaging all the lands that touch the Sea of Claws. The end time is nigh.

Gathering in Fortenhaf for refuge they find it to be an unwelcome sight. There is little food, much wounded, and too many mouths to feed. Too few are the able bodied men armed with weapons within and rumours are running rampant regarding the approaching armies of Vardek Crom. What is known is that Crom is a Lieutenant of Archaon who has been rampaging down the eastern side of the World’s Edge mountains, but he has now crossed over and is seeking to attack The Empire from it’s weak eastern flank while all eyes are on the Siege of Middenheim.

An Imperial patrol enters the town led by Captain Otto. The unit has obviously seen better days as most of the men are wounded. This is not what the occupants of Fortenhaf were hoping for, but at least there are a few more able bodied men inside the towns walls now. The group finds out from The soldiers that a battle was fought between scouts of Vardek Crom and the army of Ostermark. The men of the Empire held the field, but were severly weakened. The group decides to join the Imperial Army unit and Captain Otto appoints Adolphus a junior officer and takes Rudi on as his personal aide. Captain Otto also tells the group that he is on a mission to cross the border into Kislev and scout out the position of Vardek Crom’s forces

Later that night Goblins overrun the town and get the gate open and stage a major attack all over the town. The Goblins bear the mark of Chaos and leading them is a nightmare brought to life. A suit of twisted plate armour with a flaming skull placed atop it is the Chaos warrior that commands the Goblins. During the fight the Chaos warrior seizes Captain Otto and carries him off. All the soldiers of the patrol are casualties of the fight, save one. Wolfgang manages to stand his own in the fight against the goblins, even though being outnumbered.

Episode Two: Off to rescue Captain Otto.

Lieutenant Ludwig, himself a coward during the attack of the Chaos Warrior tells the group that Captain Otto must be saved. Ludwig continues, telling the group how Captain Otto knows the disposition of local forces and was also on some sort of clandestine mission for The Colleges of Magic. Captain Otto was seeking an item that was stolen from the colleges he believes.
Following the trail into the woods in an attempt to rescue Captain Otto the group relies upon Wolfgang who helps guide them through the forest. They are shortly ambushed by a rearguard of mutated Goblins that cowardly pepper them with arrows before the group was able to charge them and scatter them.
p. Eric then told the group that he would check the gobos pockets for valuables. Samo, The Halfling told Eric that was not a good idea and pointed out the strange growths and signs of mutation and disease upon the Gobbos bodies. Samo then told him that he would pull the bodies off the trail and into the underbrush, since Halflings were more resistant to mutation than Humans.
p. While hiding in the trees to avoid being detected the group is able to catch some much needed rest. The group is awakened by a group of Chaos warriors that are apparently led by a warrior with long stag horns jutting from his head. The Chaos warriors appear to be travelling to wherever the first group went. They keep quiet and let the warriors go by.

Episode Three: Into the Orifice of the Beast.

Arriving at a clearing in the forest the group observes a rocky outcropping with a black cave staining the side of the rocky face. Shortly thereafter a goblin is seen exiting the cave. The group is able to kill the goblin and drag his body out of the way, before another group of chaos warriors approaches led by Stag horns and is given an amulet and a sack by the green skull Chaos Warrior.
The group then enters the cave and ends up finding Captain Otto, but not before getting into a melee fight with a patrol of the goblins. During the combat Flame-Skull shows up. The group makes a fighting withdrawl, but not before Samo is nearly split in two by Flame-Skull. Samo runs out towards the front of the cave and throws a torch onto several barrels of gunpowder that are lying near the cave entrance. The group uses it’s healing potions to get Captain Otto conscious and back in the fight and to keep Rudi on his feet. Flame Skull calls down bolts of green eldritch lightning that strike Captain Otto squarely in the chest and rip his body asunder. Wolfgang, seeing that the situation is desperate, hands a pouch to Eric, tells him that Captain Otto entrusted him with it and yells for the rest of the group to run. The rest of the group is able to push past some goblins blocking the cave entrance. Looking back, the last thing they saw was the limp form of Wolfgang being tossed across the interior of the cave. With a resounding explosion the cave entrance and Flame-Skull is buried underneath it.

Episode Four: We're not in Ostermark anymore?

Episode Four: We’re not in Ostermark anymore?
Trying desperately to find their way through the overgrown forest the group came upon a road. The road was headed in different directions than they believed it should be and Rudi observed the position of the sun to no longer be where it should be if they were still in Ostermark.
While travelling down the road they observed a unit of Flagellants whipping themselves and chanting to each other. They were led by a boy of perhaps 10 summers who appeared to be infected with a disease of some kind that gave him red pox across his hands and face. The boy appeared listless and nearly dead, but upon sighting Rudi his eyes filled with passion, and he began screaming, spittle flying from his chapped lips. “A demon!, a demon walks the roads of our lord Sigmar’s Empire”, " a pointy-eared demon!, too skinny to be natural, A demon!". The Flagellants all then stopped their self-mutilation and chanting and hefted their weapons and turned towards Rudi. The group, realizing that this was bad immediately fled into the forest and did not stop running till they were sure they had avoided the band of crazed Flagellants.
Finally coming across a speck of civilization in their travel they find they are at Klimgart. A welcome inn is there, the Sins of Summer. The owner of the inn is a buxom red head named Esmeralda. She and her nine red headed daughters help her run the establishment. The group is overjoyed to finally get some food and a warm place to rest their heads for the night. Some drinking ensues, and soon Wilhelm and Erich are both trying their hand at talking one of Esmeralda’s daughters into their bed for the night. Erich, in his awkward shy manner is seen as more of a cute boy. Wilhelm, with his flashing eyes and smooth talk is soon frollicking in a mound of red hair named Elsa.
Samo soon develops a fever and appears to be losing strength quickly. The group is directed to go to Dr. Hirtzel, a physician who happens to live near the middle of the won. Dr. Hirtzel does what he can for Samo, but tells them his only real hope might be in taking him to a local hospital known as Wolingwut house. Dr. hirtzel tells the group that that Samo is suffering from the Blood Pox. Fearing for Samo’s life they travel to Wolingdorf, and then from there to Wolingwut House. A bumpy coach ride through the rain and mud does not help Samo’s condition and by the time they arrive in Wolingdorf Samo is barely conscious and had purple lesions around his wrists and neck forming.

Episode Five: This way madness Lies

Episode Five: This Way Madness Lies.
The group spends the night at Golgundson’s Inn that strangely enough is owned by a jovial Dwarf named Golgundson. When the group arrives a betrothal celebration is underway and after depositing Samo in a private room they sit down to enjoy what little pleasures can be found at the bottom of an ale mug. While at Golgundson’s they are approached by Mrs. Avery, an attractive yet elderly woman who tells them that her estranged husband, Mr. Avery is a doctor at the Wolingwut house. She asks the group to please deliver to her husband a small momento of their marriage that it might remind him of their past happiness. The group agrees and Mrs. Avery pays for them to stay at Golgundson’s best room.
The group then travels up to Wolingwut house. Through the mud of the trail and the occasional drizzle they make out the sound of hunting horns nearby. The horns sound strangely haunting and unlike anything they have heard before. They hurry to the gate of Wolingwut house.
After speaking with Guido, the group gives up their weapons and is allowed to enter the Wolingwut house.
The group then meets with the headmaster of the Shallyan Hopsital known as The Wollingwut House. He introduces himself as Antonius Reik and upon discovering that Samo is in dire medical need directs them to the infirmary. Guido gives them a key and directs them towards it. They enter the Infirmary and meet Dr Falkenhiem and his assistant, the boy Jander.
The group deposits Samo into a bed at the infirmary and Dr. Falkenheim tells them he will do what he can. They witness the boy, Jander talking about something, but he is wuickly cut off and then berated by Dr. Falkenheim. They wonder at what the boy was about to say and why Dr. Falkenheim seems so unstable.
The group then explores the Sanatarium a bit and meets the staff. They also “meet” a mutated beast that lives under the sanatarium that the staff calls “Timmy”.
The “Staff” consists of;
Guido-A wry and toothy old man that guards the front gate and assists in menial chores.
Ranulf-An almost toothless man that bears a poytail and a large scar over his right ear and cheek. Ranulf and “Irmine” assist with menial chores.
“Irmine”-Hunchbacked and hooded, bearing a large wart projecting from her bottom lip and a heavy build.
Wolfram- A scrawny man with enormous tufts of hair jetting out to the sides, he is always smoking on a delicate pipe and muttering distractedly.
Ortolf- a giant of a man. He has a leering bald stripe across the top of his head flanked by frizzy brown hair. Variegated stains of blood and sauce slop down the front of his sackcloth robes. Ortolf is the cook.
Gizmar- Built like a gorilla he is long faced with wild hair and has a giant axe strapped to his back. He speaks with a heavy Kislevian slant, regularly blundering through his grammar.
Albrecht- He wears egg yolk coloured robes, his hair is badly hewn and a small sheaf of papers is bound to his forehead by a leather thong. He always bears a parasol over his head and dirty white gloves on his hands so that none of his skin is exposed to the sun. Albrecht believes that he cannot be touched by the sun and is quite mad. He and Duefenshmirtz spend their day speaking to one another of the glories of Sigmar within and when his deliverance will come.
Dr. Falkenheim also asks the group to help him locate a patient that keeps wanderng away to find a drink. He tells them the patient is a priest of Sigmar who is tortured by nightmares by the name of Duefenshmirtz.
The group is approached by Jander who tells the group that they should not eat the food at lunch and that he will reveal the rest of what has happened then.
The group then witnesses a patient publicly strapped down and then given a strange “treatment”. Reik smashes the man’s skull in with a hammer and chisel and then seems perplexed that nothing except the patient dying happens.
the group then attends the lunch, but does not eat. Around them, the rest of the staff, except Jander, passes out, apparently drugged. Jander then tells them that the patients have seized the hospital and that they need to unlock the rest of the staff who has been imprisoned inside the stone tower attached to the hospital grounds. Jander then leads the group to a black portal inside of Antonius Reik’s office that leads into the stone tower. The group is reluctant to open the door. Dr. Falkenheim then enters the office and begins trying to convice the group the boy is a servant of chaos. Jander begins pleading with them and then grabs the key and forces the door open himself. An inaudible boom is heard. Jander then stabs Dr. Falkenheim in the back and Erich in turn stabs Jander. Jander’s joints crack and turn on themselves until he resembles a human crab and then scuttles away up the side of the tower. Jander calls out" “Now, The Wolingwut will rise up against the oppressor! Tonight you will face the might of my God! Tonight we will march upon you, braying our piety to the heavens! And Wolingwut will be Changed. And you… you will kneel before the Changer of the Ways!”.
From behind the black portal a tentacle followed by another wraps around the door and begins to shove it all the way open. The group then begins a vicious tug-of-war over the door while being attacked by the tentacles from within. Eventually they are able to close it again.
Waking Reik, Reik states " “I can’t tell if it was years or months you know, since I was outside Wolingwut. Sad, eh? When they locked me in their dungeons I knew that I had been put here to test my faith. He is a hard God, so He taught me a harsh lesson. Time passed. As I say, I can’t tell you how long. But then I saw in Dr. Falkenheim a glimmer of doubt. With Sigmar as my guide, I lead him back to the light and so it was possible for us to escape. Each night since, we have been under siege. Today, using some hocus pocus, we hoped to break the sieges. That was the motive for the surgery this afternoon. Of course, it was never going to work. Pah!” he wobbles slightly, “Have you a drink? Some water?” “We could not flee the fortress, not until we knew the forest was safe. And we could not advise the village either, for who would believe a troupe of madmen? We had to make pretence. And we were afraid the others would return. The other witches. In fact,” he smiles, “I thought you were those witches at first! Believe that! In any case, Sigmar was with you and we have survived a terrible betrayal. Dr. Falkenheim was so keen to redeem that boy.” He stands and breathes deeply. “The Warherd will come in strong and aggressive. There’ll be at least two points of entry and they’ve got Flayerkin with them. Myself, Gizmar, Ortolf, Guido… an excellent archer by the way, and Gernig… sorry you’d know him as Irmine,” he grins, “have all seen battle. I’m not much of a tactician so I’ll leave that to you. Do with us what you will and by Sigmar’s Hammer let us take the fight to them!”
Reik looks up at the group grimly and states “We are in for a siege gentlemen”. From outside the walls of Wolingwut house a war horn is heard echoing through the boughs of the gnarled forest.

Episode Six: Here a beast, therea Beast, everywhere a Beastman

Episode Six: Here a beast, there a Beast, everywhere a beastman
The group quickly assesses their situation with Antonius Reik and determines that there will be 3 different ways for the attacking Beastmen to gain entry to the Sanatorium. They then set up a barricade of flammable material and douse it with oil in the middle courtyard. They deployed their limited men to cover all three approaches, but with the understanding that once the Beastmen make the wall everyone is to pull back to the central courtyard and make a last stand there.
As the night progresses the group is able to catch some rest while the Beastmen herd is busy with a huge beastly bonfire and beastly dancing about it. How very beastly.

Episode Seven: Let Slip the Beast of War

Episode 7: Let slip the beasts of War.
The group and their band of insane misfits defend Wolingwut house. During the battle many beastmen are killed trying to get over the east wall leading in to the garden. Eventually the west wall is swarmed and the front of the house is stormed en masse. The group and the rest of the asylum fall back to their central courtyard and light a wall of debris across the main entrance to act as a barrier.
As the group is falling back behind the wall of debris Adolfus is struck a massive blow and falls to his knees. Erich, realizing that Adolfus will be trapped on the other side of the flaming wall and killed leaps to Adolfus’s defense. Erich grabs Adolfus and throws him over the wall of debris before himself being struck several blows from Beastmen that leave him near death. Now that the group is behind the safety of their wall of debris they bandage their wounds and prepare for the fires to die down. As the fires start to wane though, the rest of Wolingwut hosue is rapidly catchign alight. Gripping their weapons and peering through the smoke the group waits, but no beastmen ever charges. The Warherd appears to have given up on them. They have held out and are somehow all still alive.
Antonius Reik then proceeds with the final destruction and sanctification of the vile tower that still contains the servants of Chaos. By the time the group is leaving Wolingwut there is a large black stain drifting into the sky from the tower.
Dr Falkenheim also presents Samo with the elixir he believes will cure him of the Blood Pox.
The group then finds themselves in Wolingdorf where Antonius has begun rounding up conspirators to Wolingwut House. The group and Reik have words regarding the guilt of Mrs. Beasley, but the Witch Hunter is not to be denied. Soon there is another cloud of smoke rising into the air. This cloud bore the scent of roasted man within it’s confines.

Episode 8: Unterbaum Mutant Attack

episode 8: Unterbaum and Mutant attack.
The group then travels on, trying to find their way to Middenheim. They enter a town and discover it is Unterbaum, apparently the site of a major battle between Imperial forces and a minor chaos army. The stone bridge at Unterbaum was desired greatly by the Chaos forces but the men of the Empire stood firm and their blood seeped into the stones of the bridge but did not let it fall.
Near the bridge the group finds a group of townspeople surrounding Captain Hans Baumer. Captain Baumer infroms the crowd that a shipment of wine and hard bread has been received from the Emperor as thanks to the people of Unterbaum for their dogged defense. A ragged cheer from the emaciated townfolk is shattered by a musket shot shattering one of the jugs of wine. A group of mutants is then seen to be rushing across the bridge towards the townsfolk. The group looks around quickly and realizes there are no fighting men around the area, except for them.
The group fights the band of mutants. While disgusted at their hideous deformities the group still slays the lot of them. Erich ends up having to dump his armour as one lizard headed mutant spit a caustic acid onto it.

Episode 9: Refugee Road
The group accompanies a group of refugees northwards towards Middenheim, with a Beastman army nearby, and no other defensible position. They also meet Granny moescher and her orphans. They learn that the citizens of Unterbaum bear no love for the residents of Griminhagen, and the feeling is mutual. The group then finds Granny performing some sort of magic ritual, which they interrupt. Granny tells them they have ruined her revenge, and then goes catatonic and dies within a day.

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