House Rules

Degrees of Success:
Your degrees of success or success or skill number is the tens digit of your roll. Therefore the higher your skill gets the closer you want to get to your actual number without going over. ex Frederik is on guard duty deep in the Drakwald forest and is trying to listen for an approaching enemy. His Perception skill is 43 and he rolls a 12. He succeeds but only with a success number of 1. The Beastman scout has a silent move of 54 and rolls 31. The beastman’s success number would be a 3. Thus Frederik does not hear the Beastman. This means you do not have to count down from your skill number to figure out your degree of success, all you do is look at the tens digit. This is keeping with the idea that a higher roll is always better, unless you roll over your skill number.
In keeping with this your degrees of failure is also your tens digit. Minues the tens digit from your skill number from your failed roll to give you a degree of failure. Frederik slips walking down a moss encrusted path and falls down a rocky ravine, for every degree of failure he will fall 10 feet and take 1D5 damage. He rolls a 62 for his Ag roll and his Ag is 33. That means 6-3=3. He will take 3D5 worth of damage from the fall.
Rolling to hit and damage:
When rolling to hit add up the tens digit and the ones digit to give you the damage rolled. Then modify by weapon and add your strength for the total damage amount.
The ones digit also acts as the hit location dice. Use the following table to see where you hit.
Ones Digit Location
0 Shield arm or off hand arm or Defender picks
9 Head
8-7-6-5 Body
4 R. Arm
3 L. Arm
2 R. Leg
1 L. Leg

Shield protection:
Shields are in the rules an off-hand weapon that can provide Armour and be used to parry an attack. Some shields provide more protection and some can cover more areas. The lighter and smaller shields are better parrying shields, but the bigger and heavier ones can provide more protection.
Type AP Areas Covered

Experience Points: In general experience points will accrue at roughly 100 xps per session, but more may be granted for the conclusion of certain story arcs, or the individual accomplishment of certain deeds. There may be times where XPS will not be handed out at the end of a session, but will stack up and eventually be distributed when a pause in the story occurs.
XP Costs: The cost to raise Statistics has been increased. The first 5% bought costs 100 XPs, the 2nd +5%(10% total) costs 200 XPS, the 3rd 5%(15% total) costs 300 XPS.
Completing careers: You do not need to buy all the statistics advances to complete a career and earn the free advance into one of the career exits. You DO need to buy all the skills and talents in the career and at least one advance in any statistic that you can increase.
Skills: You may now buy skills 4 times. Each purchase only costs you 100 XP, as standard rules. This means that the first purchase makes the skill percentage the same as the relevant statistic. Each purchase after that adds +10%. Up to a max of +30%.

Basic Skills: Using a basic skill that you have not taken defaults to the relevant statistic with a -20%.
Advanced SKills: You can not use an advanced skill if you haven’t taken it.
Difficulties: A test difficulty may range from -60% to +60%
Crossbows: The stats for a crossbow should be damage 4 with the quality Armour Piercing(2). This means crossbows ignore two points of armour.

Using Fortune Points:
You generally have the same amount of fortune points as fate points, but you can have more through some special relics, blessings, and talents.
Uses of a fortune point:
• Re-roll a failed Test once. The results of the re-roll are final.
• Gain a +10 bonus to a Test. This must be chosen before the dice are rolled.
• Add a Degree of Success to a Test. This may be chosen after the dice are rolled.
• Count as having rolled 10 for Initiative.
• Instantly remove 1d5 Damage (this cannot affect Critical Damage).
• Instantly recover from being Stunned.
• Remove all levels of Fatigue.

House Rules

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